Having a Party?

Let FRIENDS cater your next party at the location of your choice.
Private and corporate event catering services, menu design, food preparation and our first-class service staff will ensure that you and your guests will have the great time you deserve.

Customs Party Platter

Friends Sushi built its stellar reputation on serving the freshest fish in the city of Chicago, made into innovative and delectable dishes. Now, we are bringing that same focus on quality and commitment to  deliciousness to your next event.

Whether it is a business lunch, a birthday, wedding or just a friendly get together, when you invite Friends Sushi to the party, we’ll bring the flavor, with a selection of distinctive maki, tempting sashimi, and  tantalizing hot dishes, it is sure to be a hit! 


Catering and Events provide an intimate experience with our community. Share your special occasions with us in exciting new ways to make any celebration happen.

Our professional and dedicated team is committed to ensuring impeccable service for any occasion, of any size, at any location. Every event is coordinated on an individual basis to ensure a successful and memorable occasion.

Custom orders and requests are welcome, please call us for details. 

We kindly request 48-hours notice in advance to prepare orders.