True Friends Last Forever

Our time starts when friends come together. This real friendship makes things from possible to probable. When come together as friends, dreams become reality.

In the beginning of our journey since 2005, we are a small group of friends who wanted to build a business bettering our lives. We had a lot of planning, a lot of constructive criticism, and a lot of collaboration. Everybody in the group pitch their talents, ideas, and physical efforts. Generous help also came from overseas with designs and innovations as well. By 2007, Friends Sushi finally made it.

Hence, we share our love for food with everybody. Everybody in our group came from different backgrounds and carry wonderful talents. We have accountants, renowned chefs from overseas, hospitality managers, architects, graphic designers, event coordinators, performers, and many more. Through these differences, we are still brought together by the passion for food. Everything tastes better when we share our food.

"Friendships that have stood the test of time and change are surely best." ~Joseph Parry~  

Today, we have flourish with a community of friends from multitudes of backgrounds. This expansion of friends also made Enso Sushi as well. Surprisingly, catch us there at Enso Sushi since we do our best to be in two places at once! As for our friendship, Enso has our back! 

In short, there is only one belief we truly value. We are true friends and this will last forever! Come and share our laughs together, dines together, and wines together!